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‍‍‍Here is how it works:
  1. Leave your contact data and choose your desired use cases using the Typeform
  2. We send you a email with a link to our voice capturing mobile app. Sign up and record a number of short sentences matching the use cases you selected
  3. We evaluate your recordings and contact you with a one-pager pre-contract stating that we can use your recorded voice in our catalog but NOT commercially
  4. We contact you with more information about the actual voice characters you selected
Once you have agreed to create your characters for a specific use case we'll move into the production phase:
  1. We ask you to record at least 1 hour of audio and send you the final commercial contract.
  2. We might ask you for more recordings if necessary
  3. We create your characters using your recorded data
  4. We deliver the voice characters to brands who requested it
Read Voice Character Best Practices
Why should I create AI characters using my voice?
Synthetic voice characters allow you to earn money with your voice in ways that weren't possible before. For example, using an AI character makes it possible to create personalized audio for every listener. No more recording hundreds or thousands of variants. This gives you the opportunity to access gigs that weren't possible or viable before, while you can focus on your passion projects.
Will my name as a voice actor be attached to my voice characters?
No, your characters will not be connected to you as a voice actor in any form.
Can my voice character say anything?
In principle yes. However, your AI character is dependent on your input as a speaker. Think of it as creating a persona. The way you speak when recording the sample data will determine the speech melody, tone and pronunciation. If you record a sales voice the synthetic character will only be able to be used as such. It will not be able to e.g. narrate a story or meditation.
Can my voice character be used for any purpose?
No. Your characters are purpose-built for one specific use case. If you record a calm, sensitive voice, it will not do well delivering the perfect sales pitch. This is why you can choose your preferred use cases when signing up with Aflorithmic.
Can I create more than one voice character?
Yes. If you can pull off the stadium speaker, the alien life form and the news anchor that's great! However, we recommend sticking to the characters you fell most comfortable impersonating.
Who owns the rights to my voice?
You, at all times. However, you do give Aflorithmic the rights to use your voice characters with external customers.
Am I legally responsible for anything my voice character says?
No, you are not. The legal responsibility to not abuse synthetic voices lies with Aflorithmic's customers. Aflorithmic will periodically check the content its customers produce and we adhere to the EU's and UK's guidelines for ethical AI as well as GDPR.
If I give voice samples, do I have to record at least one hour of data?
Yes. If you sign a contract with Aflorithmic you authorize us to show your recorded voice characters to customers. If they are interested in your using your impersonations, you are obligated to record the audio samples enabling us to create your AI voice character. However, you can revoke licensing at any time.
What if I do not wish to record the additional audio?
You are obliged to record any additional audio we will ask you to create or improve your voice characters. You can revoke Aflorithmic licensing your voice at any time. If you decide to do so, please contact us in writing, requesting us to stop offering and/or using your recorded and/or synthetic voices. Please be aware that if you do so you are also obligated to return the amount paid by Aflorithmic for recording audio samples.
Can I revoke Aflorithmic from using my voice characters?
You can revoke Aflorithmic licensing your voice at any time. If you decide to do so, please contact us in writing, requesting us to stop offering and/or using your recorded and/or synthetic voices. Please be aware that if you do so you are also obligated to return any amount paid by Aflorithmic for recording audio samples.
Will I lose any gigs as an actor because of creating AI voice characters?
No. Your voice characters are purpose-built to serve specific use cases. They will never be as expressive, flexible or dynamic as your own voice. Think of your AI characters as a new way of earning money with your voice and capabilities as an actor.
What do you mean by "recorded audio"?
In order to create a voice character we need samples of it in the form of recorded sentences called utterances. Based on the use case we want to approach, we will send you a script with utterances optimized for that character. We will ask you to record that script and send the audio files to us. Please be aware that we will take into account the recorded audio, not the time you spent recording it. For example, if you need 5 minutes to record 5 utterances but the utterances altogether are only 34 seconds long, this will count as 34 seconds of recorded audio.
Do I earn royalties anytime my voice is used?
No. You will get paid for creating each voice character once we ask you to record the full script.
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