Bringing Personalized Audio To Any Device

Aflorithmic’s Technology
Helps You Make Personalized Audio Scalable.

Text to speech saves you hours of costly studio time and money, while personalization and sound design creates an engaging audio experience for your users.

Script creation

Create your audio. Use one of our tried & proven templates or create your own. Within minutes you’ll have a spoken script. Just select a voice character, type what your speaker is to say, and render your script.


Make it yours. Choose one of our personalization parameters such as name, city or business type and turn each individual track into a unique audio experience catered to each of your listeners.

Unlimited Implementation

Once your project has come to life you’ll want to show it the world. You can use your Aflorithmic audio experience on your website, blog, shop or landing page. You can also use our API to implement personalized audio to your app or even smart speakers such as Alexa or Google Home.

Sound Experiences

Audio is more than just speech. Add a sound experience to your project to really bring it to life. Choose a sound package consisting of background music, sound effects and ambience layers or create your own.

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Intrigue, Engage & Convert.

Audiofunnel is Aflorithmic’s user engagement product. Developed to engage your visitors through personalized audio Audiofunnel uses AI powered recommendation to create the most convincing audio experiences to turn visitors into leads, leads into referrals and finally into paying customers.


Choose your your goal and let Audiofunnel choose the most engaging content to achieve it.


Use personalization and sound experiences to really connect with your audience by delivering custom content to each person.


Bring highly relevant offers to your listeners and maximise your chances to convert them into buyers.

apps using Aflorithmic technology


Boost Engagement For Your App.

Using Aflorithmic’s API brings personalized audio to your app. Increase Daily Active Users, create attractive premium features people will love to pay for or connect users with each other. Make your app truly personal.

Give personalized welcome messages addressing each of your users with their name whenever they open your app.
Say a personalized thank you to each of your users once they’ve used certain features.
Create personalized content for each user based on their interests and goals
Speak to each of your users in your own voice
Some appS using AFLORITHMIC technology:

Baobub is a personalised children audio games app


Personally welcomes every new signup. Voice cloned to speak to each. Work in Progress.


Personalised Nutrition Programme

With His Light

Personalise Faith app using aflorithmic techonlogy for 10 day journey.


Personalized screen-free children audio games app


Personally welcomes every new signup using voice cloning to speak to each user individually. (Work in progress)


Personalized Mindful Eating Program

With His Light

Audio faith app using personalization for an immersive 10 day journey.

IoT using aflorithmic technology


Personalized Audio At Home.

What if you could make smart speakers to really connect with others? Using personalized audio your Alexa or Google Home enables you to create personalized games, make your own highly engaging audio books or send hyper personalised messages to your friends and family.

Smart Speaker Using Aflorithmic Technology
EEVA uses Alorithmic’s personalized audio experiences to help families connect with their elderly. Scheduled messages such as good morning wishes or medication reminders, voice recordings or even spontaneous messages families to connect and fight loneliness.