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1. Common Questions

What Is Aflorithmic?

Aflorithmic is a platform for creating scalable personalized audio experiences. We are using text to speech and voice cloning to create unique audio experiences for each listener.

Why should I care?

Audio has always been mass media. From early storytelling over the rise of radio up to the advent of ever increasing podcast consumption. However it has never been truly personal, as every person would listen to exactly the same content. Now, for the first time in history audio is becoming a scalable media format where each listener can get their personalized story. This makes audio vastly more engaging and relevant.

What does personalized mean?

Aflorithmic allows you to apply personal parameters such as name, location or occupation to your audio experience. This means you can address each of your listeners individually, without any studio time. On top of that you can deliver specific content to each of your users, thus increasing relevancy to levels never known before.

How can you make personal audio scalable?

We are using AI driven text to speech technology to turn any written text into engaging audio content. Additionally you can choose the voice, accent, background music and personalization parameters to best engage with your audience. Our technology can help you address thousands of users individually without any sound studio or voice actors.

2. Integration

What do I need to implement Aflorithmic technology?

The opportunities are pretty much endless. All you need is some kind of a digital interface that can display an audio player as well as an addressable audience. We keep implementation as simple as possible using APIs so that integration is fast and easy.

Where exactly can I integrate Aflorithmic technology?

There are mainly three types of channels to deliver personalized audio to your audio: Website based, Mobile and IoT. Using popular builders such as Wordpress, Shopify or HTML5 you can play your personalized stories on any website. Integration with iOS or Android helps you increase DAU for your apps. You can also opt for using Aflorithmic technology with your Alexa or Google Home smart speaker and even integrate it with your car or office building.

Do you have any APIs available?

Yes, our integration library is ever increasing. Look it up here or drop us a line where you would like to implement your personalized audio. Our Connex team will get in touch with you happily.

What If there's a feature I'd really like to see?

We're technology geeks and any interesting idea for a new features currently not available will be greatly appreciated by the entire team. Chances are we already have it on our roadmap. Please use the Feature Request form below to let us know what you'd like to see and why.

4. Pricing Plans

How much does your personal audio cost for my website?

We have a self-serve product for web content called Audiofunnel. It's enables a widget that offers personalized audio content to each visitor on your landing page. Learn more about pricing here.

What about mobile and IoT pricing?

Depending on your volume and target audience we will create a custom plan for you. Contact us here and take advantage of our early access pricing plans. Your use case might be a game changer for using synthetic media. We are always on the look out for innovative use cases for our platform and therefore we can do some fair pricing.

Can I cancel my account plan at any time?

Using Audiofunnel on your website you can cancel your plan anytime with one month notice. For larger projects we will create a custom contract for you. We will be happy to discuss duration terms with you.

Feature Request

Do you have a great idea on how to use Aflorithmic’s technology but you you’re missing an essential piece of the puzzle to make it work? Please let us know!

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