Turn existing written content into engaging audio experiences
Create the most relevant ad for every person:
  • Automate content production with text to speech, sound design and automated sound enhancement
  • Make it sound awesome with 500+ AI voices and +100 sound designs dedicated to news and podcasts
  • Scale your podcast production and personalize your audio news with
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Article Summaries
Instead of boring article readers, audio summaries like this German example on add real value to your audience
This automated newscast in German is being created daily with existing content reaching over 5000 plays per day
The Social Media Digest Podcast brings you the most relevant social media news with 2 synthetic hosts
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Turn readers into listeners

Much more than
Text to Speech
Connect your content database, render your speech, add an awesome sound design and enhance your audio experience for maximum engagement. And those are just the most basic features!
Cost-efficient and fast audio
Unlock audio as a new media format for your platform, website or app. Use existing text and turn it into real audio experiences in just minutes.
The power of API is an infrastructure that enables you to integrate Text to Audio technology with your platform - an end-to-end solution that includes hosting and third party connectors.

Reach millions of people

Unlock audio for your platform, website or app with Aflorithmic's


Build thousands of unique ads in seconds with
Create the most relevant ad for every person:
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Listen to some of audio ads created with
Car Dealership Sales
Real-time car stocks for special offers
Spotify ad for a website builder
Super market (German)
Regionalized weekly offers
Real Estate (French)
Localized property offers

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How it works

Watch a behind a tutorial video and discover how Aflorithmic's environment enables your developers to create programmatic audio advertising with just a few lines of code.


Details Matter

Read how Aflorithmic enables you to create ads that vibe with people and use industry standards such as VAST. In our blogpost we go well into detail helping you understand why.

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