Build Better Audio

The most powerful Audio-As-A-Service platform for building AI audio at scale:

100x faster and 99% cheaper than traditional audio production

Access 500+ AI voices in 60+ languages

Include 100+ sound designs and 30+ sound effects

Voice cloning to strengthen your sonic branding

Automate and personalize dynamic audio for digital content

Try Creating Text-to-Audio

AI infrastructure for dynamic audio at scale

Transform text to audio to engage with new audiences
Audio news
Audio ads
Voiceover video
Marketing automation
Voice cloning
Consumer goods
Social media
Music streaming


The world's first Audio-As-A-Service platform

From Text-to-Speech using AI voices or voice cloning, to music designs, sound effects, mastering and versioning. An End-to-End AI audio creation experience that is 100x faster and 99% cheaper than traditional audio production.

500+ AI voices

The highest quality natural-sounding AI voices available in 60+ languages, with 100+ sound designs and 30+ sound effects.

8 Premium providers

Integration with premium Text-to-Speech partners like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Polly, Resemble.AI and more.

3X Higher engagement

Digital content with audio has up to 3X higher engagement, clicks, and brand awareness than content without.

600K Monthly production credits

Robust infrastructure with real-time scalability and personalization.


AI audio infrastructure easily run with Python, Javascript or cURL

Robust infrastructure for Text-to-Speech, music design, mastering and versioning.

Build text for your audio
Script Sectioning
Text and Audio Management
Dynamic Versioning
SSML Harmonization
Predefined Scripts
Pronunciation Dictionary
Convert text to speech
Voice Library of 500+ AI Voices
Voice Cloning
Voice Upload
Voice Effects
Multi-Voice Speech
Visemes & Facial Landmarks
Real-Time Speech
Include sound and music
50+ Music Templates
30+ Sound Effects
Sound Discoverability
Sound Upload
Time & Length Alignment
Generative Music
Master your audio
Audio Mastering
Ultra-scalable, high-speed audio rendering engine
Multi-format support
Mastering presets for audio quality enhancement
Automate and grow
Input & Output Integrations
Console Dashboard
Usage Analytics
Smart Caching (Bircache)
End-to-End Production Chain
User Roles & Permissions
Python & JavaScript SDK


Michele Arnese
Founder & CEO of AMP
Aflorithmic's is perfectly integrated into our Sonic OS tool set, helping brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Mastercard and Geberit to work globally with AI-powered audio and voice creation.
Idan Schmorak
CEO of Crowd Media
We use Aflorithmic's unique AI audio infrastructure and voice-cloning abilities to add real-time speech generation to our visual conversational A.I. platform.
Pascal Hohmann
Co-Founder & CEO of storyflash is a base layer for audio generation in our content automation platform storyflash. It enables media companies to create news audio content from simple text.


Some of the top media outlets across Europe are already talking about by Aflorithmic. Including TechCrunch, Business Insider, Forbes, Meedia, Heise and La Vanguardia, amongst others.