• World’s largest library of AI voice actors (all major voice providers, 250+voices, 40+ languages) + scalable voice cloning capabilities
  • Dynamically builds expressive sound designs for each track
  • Create thousands of (personalized) track versions in less than 60 seconds
  • Designed to be integrated into your product or platform

Making Voice & Audio Production Scalable

Ready to Innovate? Aflorithmic’s Api.audio is the world’s first fully automatable solution for end-to-end audio creation from text.

"VozLab's audio production has to be quick, scalable, and affordable. Now it is!"

Maria transforms the way brands interact with consumers using Aflorithmic's dynamic audio creation infrastructure.

Maria Noel Reyes
CEO VozLab
Mar & Ad Tech

“API.audio enabled us to render realistic speech faster than ever before.”

UneeQ is powering their Digital Einstein character using a custom voice designed by Aflorithmic.

Tyler M.
VP Platform development

“Aflorithmic allowed me to create something that nobody has done before, smoothly.”

Alton turned existing content into highly engaging personalised audio-stories for kids.

Alton R.
Innovation Manager
Publishing House

“Api.audio enables our clients to create their own personalized audio guidance.”

Hyperhuman is a digital publishing and content monetisation platform for the fitness industry.

Co-Founder & CEO

Scaling The Audio Production Process

The world’s first programmatic audio production infrastructure.

Aflorithmic automates large scale end-to-end audio production from text

Content: Connect, personalise and version your written content,
e.g. from your CMS or user frontend. 

Voice: Transform text to speech with the largest voice library available (we are voice vendor agnostic) or clone your own voices.

Sound Design: Add expressive sound designs that adjusts dynamically.

Post Production: Make your audio sound professional and create thousands of different versions in minutes.

Delivery: Deliver your audio where you need it: eg a URL or an Ad Network.

The world’s first programmatic audio production infrastructure.


Use user-generated data and deliver more value

Turn data points collected in your app into meaningful audio insights for your users.

Personalise by addressing them by name or mentioning their location

Motivate your users by telling them how many calories they are burning in real-time or that they are on a winning streak over their friends.

Create thousands of versions in seconds

Set up dynamic audio with a click of a button and deliver a personalized version to each listener.

Avoid recording the same content repeatedly and give your customers what matters most to them.

As seen in

Designed For You To Innovate
Aflorithmic makes it radically easy for you to build with audio:

Fully automatable

Generate professionally sounding audio from text.

Quick and Scalable

Create thousands of tracks in under a minute

Big Sound - Small Cost

Leverage the latest AI-audio-capabilities

Dynamic & Flexible

Update and adjust your audio to each listener, user, day or situation

Easily Integratable:

API-first - your developers will love it!

“I built a connection between our app and our users that is stronger than ever before.”


Product Manager

Workout App

"I created new revenue opportunities by allowing my client to add dynamic voice-over just from text. Minimum resources were needed and we launched within a week."


Founder & CEO

Virtual Proerty Tour Company

“Aflorithmic allowed me to create something that nobody has done before, smoothly.”


Innovation Manager

Virtual Property Tour Company

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